Chaos Communication Congress 22 Dec. 27, 2005 to Dec. 30, 2005, Berlin, Germany

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Notes : 27th Chaos Communication Congress

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Transparenz Der Verantwortung In Behörden Philipp Sonntag Wir brauchen eine neue, gesellschaftlich breit überzeugende Lösung für das Problem mit dem Datenschutz. So ... Security
Das Geheimnis - Reloaded Peter Glaser Seit jeher war es das Gegenteil von Information, ihr dunkler Bruder: das Geheimnis. Jetzt ist ... Security
Muxtcp Paul Böhm This talk will discuss design approaches for writing flexible userland tcp/ip stacks for network hacking ... Security
Collateral Damage Peter Eisentraut This lecture takes a critical look at the impact that contemporary spam and virus filter ... Security
The Grey Commons Palle Torsson , Rasmus Fleischer in Sweden has since 2003 Security
Esperanto, Die Internationale Sprache Pallas Corinna Habets Esperanto ist eine leicht erlernbare Sprache, die durch ihre klare Struktur besticht. Sie soll als ... Security
Geometrie Ohne Punkte, Geraden &Amp; Ebenen Oona Leganovic Über die Prinzipien hinter den geodätischen Domen, einige weitere Erfindungen und die wissenschaftliche Rezeption Fullers. ... Security
Rückschau Auf Die Bigbrotherawards 2005 Padeluun , Rena Tangens , Thomas Bader "The winner is ..." zumindest "unhappy". Wer einen BigBrotherAward erhält, hat es damit schriftlich bekommen, ... Security
The Truth About Nanotechnology Niels Boeing Nanotechnology marks the merger of different technologies in structures smaller than 100 nm. While it ... Security
The Right Track Nicholas Bentley A discussion of the Intellectual Contributions model and the Rights Office system as an alternative ... Security
Wartracking Miguel Elias , Thomas Dm8tbr An spiced up introduction into the world of satellite telecommunications. We'll begin at reception setup. ... Security
Ajax Based Web Applications Steffen ( mesch ) Meschkat Isn't ironic that web applications are now as nice to use as GUI applications were ... Security Web
Fair Code Meike Richter What has software to do with development policy? A lot. Software is not only about ... Security Development
Digital Identity And The Ghost In The Machine Max Kilger The demarcation line that used to separate your digital identity from your real world physical ... Security
Autodafé: An Act Of Software Torture Martin Vuagnoux Automated vulnerability searching tools have led to a dramatic increase of the rate at which ... Security Monitoring
Digitale Bürgerrechte Unter Europäischem Beschuss Markus Beckedahl , Oliver Passek Die digitale Wissensgesellschaft wird in wesentlichen Punkten von der Europäischen Union bestimmt und häufig haben ... Security
Finding And Preventing Buffer Overflows Martin Johns A talk that will present academic tools, which are designed to find or disarm security ... Security
Seaside: Agile Web Application Development With Squeak Marcus Denker Seaside represents a new generation of web frameworks: It makes web development simple and fun. ... Security Web Development
Complete Hard Disk Encryption With Freebsd Marc Schiesser Most technologies and techniques intended for securing digital data focus on protection while the machine ... Security Access Risk
Cybercrime Convention Marco Gercke Within the topic of international regulation attempts in the field of Cybercrime (CoE Convention on ... Security Development Testing
Old Skewl Hacking - Infrared Updated Major Malfunction An updated look at InfraRed hacking, and the state of the art in owning hotel ... Security
Gnu/Linux Für Blinde Und Sehbehinderte Lars Stetten , Sebastian Andres In diesem Vortrag wird erläutert, wie Blinde und Sehbehinderte Menschen mit dem Computer generell und ... Security
Capture The Flag Lexi Pimendis , CTF von 23.00 bis 7.00 Security
Honeymonkeys Sebastian Wolfgarten , Krisztian Piller As part of their ongoing efforts to secure the use of the web for Windows-based ... Security Web
Applied Machine Learning Konrad Rieck , Sören Sonnenburg , Timon Schroeter Overview of the current state of research in Machine Learning including the general motivation, setup ... Security
Alter Wein In Einer Neuen Flasche: Rootkits Unter Dem 2.6 Kernel K-mode , Newroot Bisher war weder möglich rootkits noch Abwehrmassnahmen unter dem 2.6er Kernel zu schreiben, durch unsere ... Security Rootkits
Access To Knowledge Karsten Gerloff Your Access to Knowledge is at stake. At the World Intellectual Property Organisation, where international ... Security Access
Recent Developments In Eu Data Retention Proposals Klaus Landefeld Presentation and Discussion of the EU proposals for mandatory data retention, proposed individualy by the ... Security
Hacking Health Karin Spaink I have been researching the implementation of electronic patient records (EPR) in NL. The first ... Security
Technological Art Off The Trodden Tracks Régine Débatty , Jussi Ängeslevä A review of today's technological art scene, with examples and discussion of their impact on ... Security
Bad Trips Julian 'hds' Finn , Oliver Moldenhauer The TRIPS Treaty is one of the most discussed within the WTO. Its impact on ... Security
Magnetic Stripe Technology Joseph Battaglia Find out how magnetic stripe technology works, how it can be hacked, how to build ... Security
Data Mining Für Den Weltfrieden Jule Riede-buechele Wir drehen den Spiess um: Wie die Quintessenz die NSA analysiert hat. Warum die Bedrohung ... Security
Informationsfreiheitsgesetz Jörg Tauss In diesem Vortrag geht es um das Informationsfreiheitsgesetz des Bundes, dass am ab 1.1.2006 in ... Security
Voip 2005 - Regulierte Revolution Jörg Müller-kindt Der Vortrag gibt einen Überblick über die Aktivitäten der amerikanischen und europäischen Regulierungsbehörden - insbesondere ... Security
Lyrical I Jens Ohlig , Martin ( maha ) Haase Auf der Abschlußveranstaltung des CCC-Poesie-Wettbewerbs "Lyrical I" werden die schönsten und originellsten Beiträge vorgestellt. Security
Private Investigations Joi Ito Introductory opening session by Tim Pritlove and keynote speech on the 22C3 topic "Private Investigations" ... Security Keynote
Urheberrecht Jenny-louise Becker Viel wird erzählt, viel ist auch falsch, anderes wird verschwiegen Jenny-Louise Becker (Autorin des Buches ... Security
Developing Intelligent Search Engines Isabel Drost The presentation will give a short overview of the architecture of search engines and how ... Security
Advanced Buffer Overflow Methods [Or] Smack The Stack Izik A quick review of the standard buffer overflow exploit structure VA Patch, What it is ... Security
A Discussion About Modern Disk Encryption Systems Jacob Appelbaum Jacob Appelbaum will discuss different disk encryption systems in their current implementation. This will include ... Security Legal
Have You Hugged Your Mac Today? Ina Kwasniewski , Jens-martin Loebel , Jochen Koubek , Kai Kittler , Marcus Richter Live-Performance der Hörspielwerkstatt der Humboldt-Universität Berlin in deutscher und englischer Sprache über Apple, Steve Jobs ... Security
Hopalong Casualty Ingo Lütkebohle Automated analysis of surveillance videos has seen a lot of research in recent years. Face ... Security Analysis
Fuzzing Ilja Gerhardt Fuzzing is the art of automatic bug finding. This is done by providing applications with ... Security Fuzzing
Covert Communication In A Dark Network Ian Clarke , Oskar Sandberg At Defcon 13, we presented our ideas for creating scalable networks where only trusted friends ... Security
Hexenbesen Und Heiliger Gral Henriette Fiebig Einige vorläufige und ausgesprochen subjektive Gedanken zur Artikelqualität in der Wikipedia aus der Sicht eines ... Security
Lawful Interception In Voip Networks Hendrik Scholz Lawful Interception (aka voice and signalling sniffing) equipment has been deployed and is in use ... Security
Writing Better Code (In Dylan) Hannes Mehnert An overview of the highly dynamic, object-oriented, functional programming language Dylan will be given. As ... Security
Rfid - Overview Of Protocols, Librfid Implementation And Passive Sniffing Harald Welte , Milosch Meriac The presentation will cover an introduction into the two popular RFID Standards, ISO14443 and ISO15693, ... Security
5 Theses On Informational-Cognitive Capitalism George N. Dafermos Discussion premised on the intersections of information feudalism, free software and open sources, piracy, cracking, ... Security
Blackberry: Call To Arms, Some Provided Felix ( FX ) Lindner RIM Blackberry devices and servers are hidden behind a curtain of FUD and secrecy. The ... Security
Private Investigations In Searching Fravia You will not need to copy any more nothing on your hard disk. Once you ... Security
Search Engines - Oracles Of The Information Society Frédéric Philipp Thiele , Hendrik Speck , Michael Christen , Wolfgang Sander-beuermann The session will focus on the influence of search engines on individuals, societies, education and ... Security
Lightning Talks Day 3 Fukami There are also loads of reasons for attending the lightning talks (there is a 1-hour ... Security
Sicherheit Vs. Überwachung Frank Rosengart Fortsetzung der Kameradiskussion zum Congress Security
Wargames - Hacker Spielen Francis Hunger In diesem Vortrag unternehme ich den Versuch, einige Aspekte der Konstruktion von Geschlechteridentitäten anhand der ... Security
Lightning Talks Day 2 Fh There are also loads of reasons for attending the lightning talks (there is a 1-hour ... Security
Hacking Openwrt Felix Fietkau OpenWrt is a Linux distribution for embedded Wireless LAN routers. In this lecture I'm going ... Security
Fnord Jahresrückblick Felix von Leitner The underreported stories of the year, sorted by bizarreness. Security
Xbox And Xbox 360 Hacking Felix Domke , Michael Steil A lot about Xbox hacking has been published earlier. This talk summarizes all this, explains ... Security
The Future Of Virtualization Felix Erkinger Modern virtualization technics are changing the point of view used to build software and its ... Security
Atmel Avr Für Dummies Fd0 Mikrocontroller sind heutzutage als Embedded Devices kaum noch wegzudenken. Dieser Workshop soll anhand vom Beispiel ... Security
The Realtime Thing Erwin Erkinger An overview on realtime software design, with explanations of commonly used terms and methods. Security
Corp Vs. Corp Fabio Ghioni , Roberto Preatoni An impressionistic overview of what makes the difference today and in the future (in the ... Security Business
I See Airplanes! Eric Blossom The lecture describes how to build your own passive radar system using relatively low-cost hardware ... Security
Community Mesh Networking Elektra Wagenrad's improved algorithm (compared to the initial INRIA OLSR draft) and how it may influence ... Security Community
Peer-To-Peer Under The Hood David Göthberg About p2p-algorithms for fully distributed, totally serverless, fully scalable peer-to-peer systems. Not about specific p2p-softwares. ... Security
Black Ops Of Tcp/Ip 2005.5 Dan Kaminsky I will discuss new experiences and potential directions involving scanning massive networks, such as the ... Security
Entschwörungstheorie Daniel Kulla Anschließend an den letztjährigen Vortrag über die bedauerliche Mangel- und Fehlrezeption Robert Anton Wilsons soll ... Security
Changing Realities Cory Ondrejka The 3D digital world of Second Life has been completely built by its residents. Running ... Security
Syscall Proxying Fun And Applications Csk This talk is about how using syscall proxying technique for envolved attacks or other distributed ... Security
Kochen Für Nerds Christian Jeitler , Hans Knöll Im Sinne einer humorvollen Kochshow mit parallel getatekten Tips zu Einkauf, Zubereitung und Hardware zeigen ... Security
Biometrics In Science Fiction Constanze Kurz Gezeigt und kommentiert werden Ausschnitte und Szenen biometrischer Techniken aus Film und Fernsehen. Security
A Way To Fuzzy Democracy Christiane Ruetten , Svenja Schröder As we can see by the German voting results in 2005, there is a huge ... Security
Hacking Into Tomtom Go Christian Daniel , Thomas Kleffel TomTom hat mit dem Go ein schickes und flexibles Embedded-Linux-System auf den Markt gebracht, das ... Security
Hacking Data Retention Brenno De Winter Data retention is presented as a solution for fighting child pornography and terror, but in ... Security
The Web According To W3C Herbert Bos W3C brings together experts, companies and users to define the fundamental formats and protocols of ... Security Web
Open Source, Eu Funding And Agile Methods Beatrice Düring , Holger Krekel There is a growing number of open-source developers organized and connected to company and money ... Security
Videoüberwachung An Deutschen Hochschulen Axel Rüweler Nach den BigBrotherAwards 2004, bei denen die Universität Paderborn einen Preis für ihre Videoüberwachung abgeräumt ... Security
Pypy - The New Python Implementation On The Block Armin Rigo , Carl Friedrich Bolz We present our first self-contained Python virtual machine that uses parts of itself to translate ... Security
Paper-Prototyping Workshop Antenne Springborn , Ellen Reitmayr Paper Prototyping ist eine schnelle und effiziente Methode, um User Interfaces ohne Programmieraufwand zu modellieren ... Security
Ccc Jahresrückblick Andy Müller-maguhn Die Sprecher des CCC stellen die Aktivitäten des und Geschehnisse im Chaos Computer Club im ... Security
A Guided Tour To European It Lobbying André Rebentisch Information overflow is a general problem of today's open information infrastructures. Everything can be found ... Security Web
Anonymität Im Internet Andreas Lehner , Julius Mittenzwei , Peter Franck Der Vortrag bietet einen Überblick über die verfügbaren Systeme und Implementierungen, ihre Entwicklungsgeschichte und die ... Security
The Very Early Computer Game History Andreas Lange Andreas Lange will show the very early computer games before they became a commercial product. ... Security
Military Intelligence For Terrorists(Tm) Andreas Krennmair Since 9/11, the US government is especially picky about which information is to be published. ... Security
Literarisches Code-Quartett Andreas Bogk , Lisa Thalheim Die Parallelen bei Software und Büchern gehen von dem kreativen Schaffensprozeß über Konsumverhalten, Entlohnung bis ... Security
Intrusion Detection Systems Alien8 , Matthias Petermann Currently there exist many different IDS techniques. However, none of them is the superior one. ... Security
Hacking Cctv Adrian ( atrox ) Dabrowski , Martin Slunsky CCTV möchte für mehr öffentliche Sicherheit sorgen, bringt aber viel mehr Unsicherheit - sehen wir, ... Security
Bluetooth Hacking - The State Of The Art Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie , Marcel Holtmann , Martin Herfurt This talk will provide an overview of all currently know Bluetooth exploits, as well as ... Security
3G Investigations Daniel 'btk' Kirstenpfad , Achim 'ahzf' Friedland We are giving an overview of ip networks used for >=2.5G technologies. Our main focus ... Security
Evocell - Free Software For Evolving Cellular Automata Philipp Tiefenbacher This talk is for everyone who liked to play around with the game of life ... Security
Lightning Talks Day 4 Prometoys There are also loads of reasons for attending the lightning talks (there is a 1-hour ... Security
Academic Tools And Real-Life Bug Finding In Win32 Rafał Wojtczuk Overview of a few academic program verification/checking tools; their usefulness for practical bug finding (particularly, ... Security
Vulnerability Markets Rainer Böhme What is the market value of a zero-day exploit? Security
Wsis - The Review Ralf Bendrath Der zweite World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) findet im November in Tunis statt. ... Security
Hacker Jeopardy Ray Davidson The well known quizshow format, but of course covering topics not usually seen on television Security
Disassembler Internals Ii: Automated Data Structure Recognition Richard Johnson Disassembler Internals II is an advanced look at the power of programmatic disassembly analysis. The ... Security
Privaterra - Report From The Field Robert Guerra An overview of the work being done by Privaterra and other organizations to help identify ... Security
Security Nightmares 2006 Ron Davidson Security Nightmares - der jährliche Rückblick auf die IT-Sicherheit und der Security-Glaskugelblick fürs nächste Jahr. Security
We Lost The War Rop Gonggrijp Come to terms with the imminent loss of privacy and civil rights without going lethargic. ... Security Privacy
Hashing Trusted Computing Rüdiger Weis Wir präsentieren ein generisches Angriffs-Framework und zeige exemplarisch neue pratische Angriffe auf digitale Signaturen, die ... Security
Free Software And Anarchism Sandro Gaycken The mode of production in free software development is often being described as anarchical. Despite ... Security Development
Erste Hilfe Für Nerds Und Geeks Sanifox Vößing Wie überlebe ich einen vier Tage langen Chaos Communication Congress ohne nennenswerte Schäden davonzutragen? Dieser ... Security
Exploring Protocols And Services On Internet Connected Embedded Devices Sarbjit Sembhi Embedded devices are set to take centre stage in the coming internet connected revolution where ... Security
Der Hammer: X86-64 Und Das Um-Schiffen Des Nx Bits Sebastian ( stealth ) Krahmer Die X86-64 Architektur bietet neben den bisher bei x86 verfügbaren Page-protection-bits ein neues Bit, welches ... Security
22C3 Network Review Sebastian Werner , Stefan Wahl An Introduction into the structure and design of the congress network - featuring a description ... Security
Breaking Down The Web Of Trust Seth Hardy Even with tutorials on the WoT and good trust policies the concept of "trust" can ... Security Web
Quantum Entanglement Stephanie Wehner Entanglement is possibly the most intriguing element of quantum theory. This talk gives a gentle ... Security Cryptography
Covert Channels In Tcp/Ip: Attack And Defence Steven J. Murdoch This talk will show how idiosyncrasies in TCP/IP implementations can be used to reveal the ... Security Analysis
Anonymous Data Broadcasting By Misuse Of Satellite Isps Sven Löschner The lecture focuses on satellite ISP technology and how to misuse it for anonymously broadcasting ... Security
Logical Language Lojban Sven Moritz Hallberg Lojban is an artificial language for humans. It was designed to be a more powerful ... Security
Internet Voting In Estonia Tarvi Martens Tarvi, the project manager for Estonian e-voting, is going to explain how the Internet voting ... Security
Elektronische Gesundheitskarte Und Gesundheitstelematik - 1984 Reloaded? Thomaus Wenige Tage noch, dann bricht die schöne, neue Welt der elektronischen Gesundheitskarte an. Alles wird ... Security
22C3 Closing Event Tim Pritlove Please join us as we look back to what happened and look forward to what's ... Security
Software Patenting Tonnerre Lombard Patent attorneys and a few large corporations advocate patent law as an appropriate protection tool ... Security Panel
The Cell Processor Torsten Hoefler The x86 architecture has been the de facto standard for many years. Attempts to take ... Security
Message Generation At The Info Layer Ulong What have talking to your lover and information warfare in common? After building a simple ... Security
Media System Deployment Using Python Ulrich von Zadow Using Python, a large variety of media-oriented systems can be scripted with very little effort. ... Security Media
E-Voting: The Silent Decline Of Public Control Ulrich Wiesner The voting machines widely used in Germany's recent elections fail to follow both fundamental democratic ... Security Legal
Attacking The Ipv6 Protocol Suite Van ( vanHauser ) Hauser After a short introduction on the differences of IPv4 to IPv6, the weaknesses in IPv6 ... Security IPv6
Robots For Fun And Research Verena Hafner In this talk, several examples of cutting-edge research in robotics will be presented, and their ... Security
On Working Memory And Mental Imagery Victor Eliashberg A representation of an untrained human brain, call it B(0), is encoded in the human ... Security
Zauberhafte Naturwissenschaften Wolfgang Hahn Zur Anregung, sich mit Naturwissenschaften zu beschäftigen und „einfache, selbstverständliche“ Sachverhalte wieder fragwürdig und problemhaltig ... Security
Memory Allocator Security Yves Younan This talk will discuss a variety of memory allocators that are available for C and ... Security