CSP 2014 May 21, 2014 to May 22, 2014, Athens,Greece

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Overview of SECCORD industrial liaison and the workshop objectives From Research to Industry – what works and what does not (lessons from prime and the other projects) Jan Camenisch , Gregory Neven (ibm) N/A
From Market Trends to Research – what is hot, what works on the market etc (e.g. trust frameworks) Joni Brennan N/A
Stork2.0 General Overview & new eIDAS regulation Petros Kavassalis , Antonios Stasis N/A
Integrating cross-border and cross-sector interoperability of personal identity and attributes: STORK, yourSAM Alberto Crespo , Nicolás Notario N/A
Security requirements engineering for socio-technical systems with STS-Tool. Paolo Giorgini N/A
Ensuring Trustworthiness and Security in Service Compositions Vasilis Tountopoulos N/A
Automatic Security Testing Henrik Plate N/A
Advances with the FP7 NEMESYS Project on Mobile Network Security Eleni Theodoropoulou N/A
CYSPA Alliance: Increasing the level of protection against cyber threats on a per sector basis Nina Olesen N/A
Unified Cyber-Physical Emergency Response in Critical Infrastrctures Ioannis Askoxylakis N/A
Airports as critical transportation infrastructures increasingly impacted by cyberattacks: a case study Alessandro Pollini N/A
Securing the current and future energy infrastructures Jorge Cuellar N/A
Protecting National Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Threats: The Italian Perspective Bruno Crispo N/A
End-user innovation needs in cybersecurity Claudio Telmon N/A
Ethical and privacy impact assessment David Wright N/A
From principles to engineering requirements Carmela Troncoso , Claudia Diaz N/A
The OASIS Privacy Management Reference Model and Methodology ( PMRM) and PbD Dawn Jutla N/A
Towards an innovative framework model for Cybersecurity & Privacy innovators (IPaCSO) Bart Preneel , Bart Renard , Claire Vishik , Erik Luysterborg , Rosamunde Van Brakel N/A
General introduction Aniketos N/A
View on Trust Hisain Elshaafi N/A
OPTET Trust computational Model - trust estimator - estimate a users trust level in a system across time Costas Kalogiros N/A
SECURED technical approach - remote attestation of the critical network nodes and the creation of a trusted and secure network flow Antonio Lioy N/A
Overview of issues Daniel Le Métayer N/A
The dimension of accountability Fanny Coudert N/A
Requirements for training material Claudia Roda N/A
Teaching human rights and digital technology Susan Perry N/A
Training ICT developers Frank Kargl N/A
Holistic approaches for integrity of ICT-Systems Carsten Rust N/A
Protecting Confidentiality and Integrity in Embedded Systems Jérémie Brunel N/A
System-Level Modeling of a NoC Firewall on Spidergon STNoC Kyprianos Papadimitriou N/A
Strong Isolation in ARM Platforms Michele Paolino N/A
Virtual Machine Migration to Protect Sensitive Information Bernhard Katzmarski N/A
Impact of emerging cloud security issues on cybersecurity Aljosa Pasic , Bruno Crispo N/A
Presentation of road-mapping activities of WG3 of the NIS platform Fabio Martinelli N/A
Situation awareness in cyberspace Pascal Bisson N/A
(Thales)How Research can help toward Cyber-Security: an industrial example Henrik Plate N/A
“PRIPARE's New Vision on Engineering Privacy and Security by Design” Nicolás Notario N/A
(ATOS)Best practice at research level Hisain Elshaafi N/A
(TSSG)Designing and evaluation an architecture : Antonio Kung;Re-using privacy patterns Frank Kargl N/A
Session Introduction: Economics, Business Models and Innovation Paths in Cyber Security and Privacy Massimo Felici N/A
Success stories of EU projects: Innovations and societal impacts Aljosa Pasic , Olga Gadyatskaya N/A
Technology readiness: An overview of emerging EU clusters Michele Bezzi N/A
Towards an integrated view of innovation management in cybersecurity Dharm Kapletia N/A
IPACSO: Towards developing an innovation framework for ICT innovators in the Privacy and Cyber Security Markets Zeta Dooly N/A
Archimedes: Improving innovation through end-user participation and sound innovation management Claudio Telmon N/A
EU innovations in cybersecurity: The CYSPA’s perspective Nina Olesen , Olga Gadyatskaya N/A
SECONOMICS-Socio-economics meets security for enhancing Airport protection Alessandro Pollini N/A
The problem of cloud data governance Vasilis Tountopoulos N/A
Accountability Model for Cloud Service Provision Massimo Felici N/A An analysis of interoperability requirements for accountable cloud services Alain Pannetrat