DFRWS 2014 May 7, 2014 to May 9, 2014, Amsterdam,Netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Address Peter Zinn N/A
SESSION 1: General data analytics Hans Henseler N/A
Robust Linux Memory Acquisition with Minimal Target Impact Michael Cohen , Johannes Stuettgen N/A
Practical Use of Approximate Hash Based Matching in Digital Investigations Petter Christian Bjelland , André Årnes , Katrin Franke N/A
Fast Indexing Strategies for Robust Image Hashes Christian Winter , York Yannikos N/A
SESSION 2: Processes and Services Zeno Geradts N/A
Automated evaluation of approximate matching algorithms on real data Frank Breitinger , Vassil Roussev N/A
Information Assurance in a distributed forensic cluster Nicholas Pringle , Mikhaila Burgess N/A
OpenLV: Empowering Investigators and First-Responders in the Digital Forensics Process Matthew Geiger , Timothy Vidas , Brian Kaplan N/A
Digital Forensics as a Service: a Game Changer Ruud Van Baar , Harm Van Beek , Erwin Van Eijk N/A
Title: Reducing Backlogs in Digital Forensics Labs Hans Henseler , Ruud Van Baar , Adrie Stander , Nina Knaap , Eoghan Casey N/A
Keynote Address:The importance of fact-finding in technology cases Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm N/A
Title: EC3 - European Cyber Crime Centre - fighting crime from the international perspective Mikael Lindström N/A
SESSION 3: Technology-specifc analysis Pavel Gladyshev N/A
Key-hiding on the ARM platform Marcus Andersson , Alexander Nilsson , Stefan Axelsson N/A
Forensic Analysis of Video File Formats Matthias Kirchner , Thomas Gloe , André Fischer N/A
BitTorrent Sync: First Impressions and Digital Forensic Implications Tahar m. Kechadi , Jason Farina , Mark Scanlon N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Windows Surface RT Tablet Forensics Andrew Marrington , Asif Iqbal , Hanan Alobaidli , Andy Jones N/A
SESSION 4: Memory analysis Tim Vidas N/A
OBA2: An Onion Approach to Binary Code Authorship Attribution Mourad Debbabi , Lingyu Wang , Saed Alrabaee N/A
Out of sight, but not out of mind:Traces of nearby devices' wireless transmissions in volatile memory Wicher Minnaard N/A
On the database lookup problem of approximate matching Frank Breitinger , Harald Baier , Douglas White N/A
Title: Preservation of Provenance in the Cloud Luciana Duranti N/A
GRR Incident Response Framework Michael Cohen , Andreas Moser N/A
Real Network Forensics KungFu Anthony ( darkfloyd ) Lai , Kelvin captain Wong , Alan Ho N/A
Memory forensic analysis workshop Johannes Stuettgen , Michael Cohen N/A