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Stories From The Trenches NDCSecurity-2020 - Copenhagen, Denmark
25 Years of SSL - Secure(ish) Sockets Layer NDCSecurity-2020 - London, UK
Crash, Burn, Report BSidesManchester-2019 - Manchester, UK
revocation is broken, here's how we're fixing it bsidesmanchester-2017 - manchester,uk
Session 2 From zero to hero with Scott Helme @Scott_Helme BSidesLondon-2017 - london,uk
The Best TLS Training in the World AppSecCali-2017 - california,usa
CSP SRI STS PKP ETC OMG WTF BBQ… BsidesManchester-2016 - manchester,uk
HPKP, HSTS & CSP for securing your password passwords-2015 - cambridge,uk