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The Things That Lurk in the Shadows BlueHatIL-2019 - Tel Aviv, Israel
10 Years of Being GReAT KasperskySASCancun-2018 - Cancun, Mexico
10 Years of Being GReAT KasperskySASCancun-2018 - Cancun, Mexico
Attribution 2.0 CyberThreat-2018 - na,na
Attribution 2.0: When Code Reuse Brings Down the House of Cards bluehat-2018 - sheva,tel aviv
Keynote presentation: APT Paleontology in the age of cyber hacktivity-2017 - budapest,hungary
Back to the IoT Future: Where Marty controls all your routers SASkaspersky-2017 - st martin,saint marten
The five-point-palm exploding-heart technique SASKaspersky-2015 - cancun,mexico
Listening to the sky for snakes and other animals SASKaspersky-2015 - cancun,mexico
False Flag Operations - Turla SuitsandSpooks-2014 - london,uk
Cut Through the Hype to Expose the Truth About Advanced Persistent Threats RSAeu-2013 - Europaplein, Amsterdam
Finding Flame t2-2012 - Helsinki, Finland Security
DQ: a cyber missile FIRST-2012 - Malta, Malta
Enhanced virus protection Virus Bulletin-2005 - Dublin, Ireland Security
Spam - past and future Virus Bulletin-2003 - Toronto, Canada Security
Malware in a small pot Virus Bulletin-2002 - New Orleans, USA Security