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*AST In CI/CD – how to make it WORK! devseccon-2018 - singapore,singapore
*AST In CI/CD – How to Make it WORK! devsecconboston-2017 - boston,usa
AppSec DevOps automation – real world cases DevSecCon-2017 - singapore,singapore
Putting an “I” in Code Review – Turning Code Reviewing Interactive AppSecUSA-2016 - washington,usa
Deep, Fast & Strong: IAST & RASP for Techies – Understanding How Runtime Analysis Actually Works! NYMJCSC-2016 - new york,usa
Software Signoff – Engineering Better, Safer, More Secure Software AtlSecCon-2016 - halifax,canada
Security Automation in the Agile SDLC - Real World Cases OWASPAppSecIsrael-2015 - rishon,israel
My Preciousss… Holding on to Your Sensitive Data AppSecIsrael-2014 - herzliya,israel
I>S+D! - Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), Beyond SAST/DAST AppSecUSA-2012 - Austin,USA Security
I>S+D! Integrated Application Security Testing (IAST), Beyond SAST/DAST OWASP AppSec Research-2012 - Athens, Greece Security