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TenantGuard: Scalable Runtime Verification of Cloud-Wide VM-Level Network Isolation NDSS-2017 - california,usa
Graph-Theoretic Characterization of Cyber-threat Infrastructures DFRWS-2015 - Philadelphia,USA
BinComp: A Practical Approach to Compiler Provenance Attribution DFRWS-2015 - Philadelphia,USA
Multidimensional Investigation of Source Port 0 Probing DFRWS-2014 - denver,usa
Secure and Privacy-Preserving Querying of Personal Health Records in the Cloud DBSec-2014 - Vienna, Austria
BinClone: Detecting Code Clones in Malware SERE-2014 - San Francisco,USA
OBA2: An Onion Approach to Binary Code Authorship Attribution DFRWS-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
Formal Analysis of the TLS Handshake Protocol International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT)-2012 - Reykjavík, Iceland
Secure Distributed Framework for achieving e-Differential Privacy Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium-2012 - Vigo, Spain
k-Indistinguishable Traffic Padding in Web Applications Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium-2012 - Vigo, Spain