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Characterizing the Nature and Dynamics of Tor Exit Blocking usenixsecurity-2017 - vancouver,canada
Reviewer Integration and Performance Measurement for Malware Detection Dimva-2016 - Donostia-San Sebasti√°n, Spain
Profiling Underground Merchants Based on Network Behavior ecrime-2016 - toronto,canada
Do You See What I See? Differential Treatment of Anonymous Users NDSS-2016 - california,usa
Computer-Supported Cooperative Crime (Short Paper) FC15-2015 - San Juan,Puerto Rico
A Critical Evaluation of Website Fingerprinting Attacks CCS-2014 - Scottsdale,USA
Honor Among Thieves: A Common's Analysis of Cybercrime Economies ecrime-2013 - San Francisco, USA
Stylometry and Online Underground Markets Chaos Communication Congress-29 - Hamburg, Germany
Use Fewer Instances of the Letter i: Toward Writing Style Anonymization Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium-2012 - Vigo, Spain