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Keynote - Cloud Effects on Security Professionals: Attackers & Defenders crikeycon-2018 - brisbane,austrailia
Extracting Secrets from Silicon – A New Generation of Bug Hunting bluehat-2018 - sheva,tel aviv
Security fears: When the machines eat the ladder and stilts won’t reach the cloud sourceseattle-2017 - seattle,usa
Post DYN DDoS: Is Government Regulation of the Internet of Things on the Horizon? SuitsandSpooks-2017 - washington,usa
Shadowbrokers, Attribution, and Responsible Disclosure SuitsandSpooks-2017 - washington,usa
penetration testing with live malware RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA
The Role of a Cyber Mercenary RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Panel Discussion – Offensive Markets for Vulnerability Research – Pros and Cons Suits And Spooks DC-2013 - Washington, USA
Panel Discussion: Offensive Strategies by Adversary Actors Suits And Spooks DC-2013 - Washington, USA
The Next Generation of DGA-Based Crimeware Hacker Halted-2012 - Miami,USA Security
Threat Attribution via DNS Sector-2012 - Toronto,Canada DNS Malware Network Monitoring
Your reputation precedes you Virus Bulletin-2011 - Barcelona, Spain Security
Size matters - measuring a botnet operator's pinkie Virus Bulletin-2010 - Vancouver, Canada Security
P0W3D For Botnet Cnc OWASP Appsec-2010 - USA Security Botnets
Becoming The Six-Million-Dollar Man Blackhat USA-2010 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Clubbing Webapps With A Botnet OWASP Appsec-2009 - Washington DC, USA Security Web Application Security Botnets
Factoring Criminal Malware into Web Application Design HackerHalted-2009 - Atlanta,USA
Intentions of capitalistic malware Virus Bulletin-2008 - Ottawa, Canada Security
Exploiting A Hundred-Million Hosts Before Brunch DEF CON-16 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Stopping Automated Application Attack Tools Blackhat Europe-2006 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
[ Back-Up Speaker ]Stopping Automated Application Tools And Their Attacks Blackhat USA-2005 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Stopping Automated Application Tools and their Attacks BlackHatUSA-2005 - Las Vegas,USA