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Replication: No One Can Hack My Mind Revisiting a Study on Expert and Non-Expert Security Practices and Advice SOUPS2019-2019 - Santa Clara, United States
In Encryption we don't Trust: The Effect of End-To-End Encryption to the Masses on User Perception IEEEEuroS&P-2019 - Stockholm, Sweden
"If HTTPS Were Secure, I Wouldn't Need 2FA" - End User and Administrator Mental Models of HTTPS IEEESymposium-2019 - San Francisco, US
The Real First Class? Inferring Confidential Corporate Mergers and Government Relations from Air Traffic Communication IEEEEuropeanSymposiumS&P-2018 - London, United Kingdom
Modern jets, retro ciphers: how monoalphabetic substitution ciphers are still in use : YouTube RWC-2018 - zurich,switzerland
Cyber Risk Analysis for a Smart Grid: How Smart is Smart Enough? A multi-armed bandit approach sgcrc-2017 - singapore,singapore
An Empirical Study of Textual Key-Fingerprint Representations USENIX-2016 - austin,usa
Usable Security—The Source Awakens Enigma-2016 - san francisco,usa
To Pin or Not to Pin—Helping App Developers Bullet Proof Their TLS Connections SecuritySymposium-2015 - washington,USA
Developers Are Users Too: Designing Crypto and Security APIs That Busy Engineers and Sysadmins Can Use Securely HotSec-2015 - washington,USA
Hey, NSA: Stay Away from my Market! Future Proofing App Markets against Powerful Attackers CCS-2014 - Scottsdale,USA
On Usable Location Privacy for Android with Crowd-Recommendations Trust-2014 - Crete,Greece
Why Eve and Mallory (Also) Love Webmasters - A Study on the Root Causes of SSL Misconfigurations asiaccs-2014 - kyoto,japan
A study on the Unawareness of Shared Photos in Social Network Services (Slides) w2sp-2014 - California,USA
Mobile System Security FinanCryptandInfoSec-2014 - Accra,Barbados
On The Ecological Validity of a Password Study SOUPS-2013 - Newcastle,UK
Android + Open Wi-Fis = Broken SSL? SOUPS-2013 - Newcastle,UK
Preliminary Investigation of an NFC-Unlock Mechanism for Android SOUPS-2013 - Newcastle,UK
Qualitative Comparison of SSL Validation Alternatives OWASPAppSecEU-2013 - Hamburg, Germany
MalloDroid, Hunting Down Broken SSL in Android Apps OWASPAppSecEU-2013 - Hamburg, Germany
SnapMe if you can: Privacy Threats of other Peoples' Geo-tagged Media and What We can do about it WiSec-2013 - Budapest,Hungary Privacy Defence
Practical Applications of Homomorphic Encryption International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT)-2012 - Reykjavík, Iceland
Helping Johnny 2.0 to Encrypt His Facebook Conversations Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security-2012 - Washington
Helping Johnny 2.0 to Encrypt His Facebook Conversations SOUPS-2012 - Washington,USA
Towards Measuring Warning Readability SOUPS-2012 - Washington,USA