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RAFI: Risk-Aware Failure Identification to Improve the RAS in Erasure-coded Data Centers UsenixATCBoston-2018 - Boston, USA
Understanding the Impact of Cache Locations on Storage Performance and Energy Consumption of Virtualization Systems cooldc-2016 - santa clara,usa
An Efficient Page-level FTL to Optimize Address Translation in Flash Memory. EuroSys-2015 - Bordeaux,France
Design Tradeoffs for Data Deduplication Performance in Backup Workloads FAST-2015 - Santa clara,usa
Accelerating Restore and Garbage Collection in Deduplication-based Backup Systems via Exploiting Historical Information USENIXatc-2014 - Philadelphia,USA
FlexECC: Partially Relaxing ECC of MLC SSD for Better Cache Performance USENIXatc-2014 - Philadelphia,USA
An Aggressive Worn-out Flash Block Management Scheme to Alleviate SSD Performance Degradation EuroSys-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
Improving Cloud Survivability through Dependency based Virtual Machine Placement International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT)-2012 - Reykjavík, Iceland