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IMSI Catchers Demystified Shmoocon2019-2019 - Washington, USA
Computer Security, Privacy, and DNA Sequencing: Compromising Computers with Synthesized DNA, Privacy Leaks, and More usenixsecurity-2017 - vancouver,canada
Automobile Driver Fingerprinting PETS-2016 - darmstadt,germany
Software Defined Radios and Automotive Security ESCARusa-2016 - detroit,usa
Reverse-Engineering Wireless SCADA Systems Shmoocon-2016 - washington,usa
Reverse-engineering RF SCADA Networks Hushcon-2015 - seattle,usa
SURROGATES: Enabling Near-Real-Time Dynamic Analyses of Embedded Systems WOOT-2015 - washington,USA
Fast and Vulnerable: A Story of Telematic Failures WOOT-2015 - washington,USA
Collaborative Verification of Information Flow for a High-Assurance App Store CCS-2014 - Scottsdale,USA
The Secret Life of SIM Cards DEFCON-2013 - Las Vegas,Nevada
Panel: Hacking In The Name Of Science DEF CON-16 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Defeating Encrypted And Deniable File Systems: Truecrypt V5.1A And The Case Of The Tattling Os And Applications 3rd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Security-2008 - San Jose, USA Security