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Hacking driverless vehicles BRUCON-2018 - Ghent, Belgium
Hacking Driverless Vehicles BalCCon2018-2018 - Novi Sad, Serbia
Data Demolition Balccon-2017 - vojvodina,serbia
BSODomizer HD: A Mischievous FPGA and HDMI Platform for the (M)asses Defcon-2016 - las vegas,usa
And That's How I Lost My Other Eye: Further Explorations In Data Destruction Defcon-2015 - Las vegas,usa
Hacking Driverless Vehicles BruCon-2014 - brussels,belgium
The Projects Of Prototype This BruCon-2014 - brussels,belgium
more projects of prototype this DEF CON-20 - Las Vegas, USA
Pwned By The Owner: What Happens When You Steal A Hacker'S Computer DEF CON-18 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Bsodomizer DEF CON-16 - Las Vegas, USA Security