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Title Conference Tags
6B Every Step You Take: Geo Location Security & Privacy Issues COSAC-2015 - NAAS,ireland
8 Pragmatic Steps to Supply Chain Risk Management SourceDublin-2015 - Dublin,Ireland
Dance Band on the Titanic: The Data Loss Iceberg Principle SourceDublin-2015 - Dublin,Ireland
224 Beyond IT: Third Party Risk EuroCAS-2014 - barcelona,spain
Meet the ethical hackers – what are the game-changers? Panel CISOSummit-2014 - Berlin,Germany
Big Daddy Digs Big Data Insights CISOSummit-2014 - Berlin,Germany
Security monitoring or surveillance? Hot words, dramatic headlines, political ambition and passionate advocates: What is a CISO to do? How difficult is it to balance security concerns with the protect CISOSummit-2014 - Berlin,Germany
114Every Step You Take: Geo Apps vs. Privacy EuroCACSISRM-2012 - Munich,Germany
234Just Between Us: The Current State of Electronic Eavesdropping Technology EuroCACSISRM-2012 - Munich,Germany