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Building a Usable Mobile Data Protection Strategy grrcon-2017 - grand rapids,usa
Beginning Android App Reverse Engineering CircleCityCon-2017 - Indianapolis,usa
MAKE STEHM GREAT AGAIN Nolacon-2017 - new orleans,usa
KEYNOTE: STEHM is the new STEM Cyphercon-2017 - milwaukee,usa
Make STEHM Great Again GrrCon-2016 - grand rapids,usa
Make STEHM Great Again DerbyCon-2016 - derby,usa
Haking the Next Generation Converge-2016 - detroit,usa
Hacking the Next Generation DerbyCon-2015 - louisville,USA
Haking the Next Generation BSidesLasVegas-2015 - Las vegas,usa
ZitMo NoM - Clientless Android Malware Control CircleCityCon-2015 - Indianna,USA
ZitMo NoM GrrCon-2014 - grand rapids,usa
DIY Command & Control For Fun And *No* Profit OWASPAppSecCalifornia-2014 - California,USA
DIY Command & Control For Fun And *No* Profit DerbyCon-2013 - Louisville,Kentucky
Zeus C&C for Tech Support BSidesDetroit-2013 - Detroit,USA Security
Fun with Exploit Kits for Tech Support Thotcon-2013 - Chicago,USA Security
iOS Hash Cracking GrrCON-2012 - Michigan, USA Security