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Getting To Know The Entire Cybersecurity Industry for DevOps ADDO-2020 - McLean, USA
There Will be Cyberwar CISOphiladelphia-2016 - philadelphia,usa
The Art of Cyberdefense CISOconneticut-2015 - Conetticut,USA
There Will Be Cyberwar CISOnewjersey-2015 - new jersey,usa
There Will Be Cyberwar CISOminneapolis-2015 - Minneapolis,USA
Part 1: How the Surveillance State has Changed IT Security Forever COSAC-2014 - kildare,ireland
How the Surveillance State Changes IT Security Forever Converge-2014 - Detroit,USA
Cyber Defense: Countering Targeted Attacks GrrCON-2012 - Michigan, USA Security
Titan Rain, the inside story of Shawn Carpenter AUScert-2010 - Gold Coast, Australia