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Title Conference Tags
Cybersecurity Responsibilities PacificHackers-2019 - Santa Clara, United States
InfoSec Career Panel LayerOne-2018 - Los Angeles, USA
Violent Python BSidesSanFrancisco-2018 - San Francisco, USA
Crypto Hero BSidesSanFrancisco-2018 - San Francisco, USA
Practical Malware Analysis cactuscon-2017 - arizonia,usa
Practical Malware Analysis - Hands-On bsideslasvegas-2017 - las vegas,usa
Exploiting Websites Hands-On BSidesSanFrancisco-2017 - san francisco,usa
Hands-on Cryptography with Python BSidesLasVegas-2016 - las vegas,usa
When Vulnerability Disclosure Turns Ugly Hope-2016 - new york,usa
Exploit Development Training & Competition BSidesSF-2016 - san francisco,usa
Violent Python BSidesLasVegas-2015 - Las vegas,usa
Android App Security Auditing BSidesLasVegas-2015 - Las vegas,usa
How to Trojan Financial Android Apps LayerOne-2015 - California,USA
Violent Python BSidesSanFrancisco-2015 - San Francisco,USA
Android App Security Auditing CactusCon-2015 - Arizona,USA
Stupid Whitehat Tricks HOPE-2014 - New York,USA
Violent Python & The AV Scam LayerOne-2014 - LosAngeles,USA
Evil DoS Attacks and Strong Defenses DEFCON-2013 - Las Vegas,Nevada
Data Evaporation from SSDs DEFCON-2013 - Las Vegas,Nevada
Data Evaporation on SSDs (plus DoS) LayerOne-2013 - Los Angeles, USA Security
The Deranged Insider Threat UNITED Security Summit-2012 - San Francisco, USA Security
Whitehat Vigilante: Cold Calls Baythreat-2011 - San Francisco, USA Security
Three Generations of DoS Attacks (with Audience Participation, as Victims) Defcon19-2011 - Las Vegas,USA
Who Cares About Ipv6? DEF CON-18 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Hijacking Web 2.0 Sites With Sslstrip—Hands-On Training DEF CON-17 - Las Vegas, USA Security Web
Teaching Hacking At College DEF CON-15 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Censorship On The Internet Workshop Chaos Communication Congress-18 - Berlin, Germany Security