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KEYNOTE hackerhalted-2017 - atlanta,usa
Opening and Announcement of Winners of Global Cyberlympics, HackerHalted-2016 - atlanta,usa
Opening and Welcome Address HackerHalted-2015 - atlanta,usa
The Cyber Pandemic HackerHalted-2015 - atlanta,usa
Joint Conference Kick-Off & Welcoming Address GlobalCISOForum-2014 - atlanta,usa
Opening and Welcome Address HackerHalted-2014 - atlanta,usa
The Cybersecurity Quagmire: Finding the Panacea HackerHalted-2013 - Reykjavik, Iceland
Are you ready for the post PC transition... lets start with security, shall we? HackerHaltedAsiaPacific-2012 - Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia Security
Are you ready for Post-PC transition? Let's start with Security. Shall We? Hacker Halted-2012 - Miami,USA Security
Defending the frontier 3.0 HackerHalted-2011 - Atlanta,USA