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Tell us about missing data
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3rd Party Data Burns grrcon-2017 - grand rapids,usa
Act Three, The Evolution of Privacy SecT-2017 - stockholm,sweden
Connecting the dots! BSidesLondon-2017 - london,uk
Act Three, The Evolution of Privacy– Thursday Keynote GrrCon-2016 - grand rapids,usa
The wrong side of history - everything that is old is new again BSidesVienna-2014 - Rahlgasse,Vienna
Finux's Historical Tour Of IDS Evasion, Insertions, and Other Oddities Area41-2014 - zurich,switzerland
NIDS/NIPS : What is the OSNIF project? BruCON-2013 - brussels, belgium
What’s ‘Context’ got to do with it! GrrCon-2013 - Michigan,USA
Passive IPS Reconnaissance and Enumeration - false positive (ab)use Deepsec-2012 - Vienna, Austria Security
Reassemble or GTFO! - IDS Evasion Strategies DeepSec-2011 - Vienna,Austria
DNS Tunnelling, Its all in the name! BSidesLondon-2010 - London,UK