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Improving mobile security with forensics, app analysis and big data thotcon-2016 - Chicago,usa
Security at the Speed of Mobile: What Needs to Change with Today’s Risk Management CyberMaryland-2015 - maryland,usa
But...It’s an App/Play Store Download: Research Exposes Mobile App Flaws RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA
Mobile Analysis Kung Fu, Santoku Style RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Why Mobile Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Root RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
viaForensics' Study Tracks Mobile App Data Security (viaForensics) RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Mobile security, forensics and malware w/ Santoku Thotcon-2013 - Chicago,USA Security
Advances in Smart Phone Forensics amphionforum-2012 - SanFrancisco,USA