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Adding Distributed Decryption and Key Generation to a Ring-LWE Based CCA Encryption Scheme ACISP2019-2019 - Christchurch, New Zealand
Fast Large-Scale Honest-Majority MPC for Malicious Adversaries Crypto2018-2018 - Santa Barbara, USA
Fast Distributed RSA Key Generation for Semi-Honest and Malicious Adversaries Crypto2018-2018 - Santa Barbara, USA
Privacy-preserving search of similar patients in genomic data : YouTube RWC-2018 - zurich,switzerland
Efficient Scalable Constant-Round MPC via Garbled Circuits asiacrypt-2017 - hong kong,china
Fast Secure Two-Party ECDSA Signing crypto-2017 - santa barbara,usa
High-Throughput Secure Three-Party Computation for Malicious Adversaries and an Honest Majority EuroCrypt-2017 - paris,france
High-Throughput Secure 3PC for Semi-Honest and Malicious Adversaries - Breaking the Billion-Gate per Second Barrier RWC-2017 - new york city,usa
More Efficient Oblivious Transfer Extensions with Security for Malicious Adversaries EuroCrypt-2015 - Soia,Bulgaria
Fairness Versus Guaranteed Output Delivery in Secure Multiparty Computation AsiaCrypt-2014 - kaohsiung,taiwan
Cut-and-Choose Yao-Based Secure Computation in the Online/Offline and Batch Settings crypto-2014 - california,usa
Fair and Efficient Secure Multiparty Computation with Reputation Systems asiacrypt-2013 - Bengalore,India
Hiding the Input-Size in Secure Two-Party Computation asiacrypt-2013 - Bengalore,India
Completeness for Symmetric Two-Party Functionalities C Revisited ASIACRYPT-2012 - Beijing,China