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Lattice-Based Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Integer Relations Crypto2018-2018 - Santa Barbara, USA
Adaptive Oblivious Transfer with Access Control from Lattice Assumptions asiacrypt-2017 - hong kong,china
Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Lattice-Based PRFs and Applications to E-Cash asiacrypt-2017 - hong kong,china
Soft merge between All-But-Many Lossy Trapdoor Functions and Selective Opening Chosen-Ciphertext Security from LWE and All-But-Many Lossy Trapdoor Functions from Lattices and Applications crypto-2017 - santa barbara,usa
Concise Multi-Challenge CCA-Secure Encryption and Signatures with Almost Tight Security AsiaCrypt-2014 - kaohsiung,taiwan
Technical session 21: Composability AsiaCrypt-2014 - kaohsiung,taiwan
Non-Malleability from Malleability: Simulation-Sound Quasi-Adaptive NIZK Proofs and CCA2-Secure Encryption from Homomorphic Signatures EuroCrypt-2014 - copenhagen,denmark
Digital Signatures RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Lattice-Based Group Signatures with Logarithmic Signature Size asiacrypt-2013 - Bengalore,India
Computing on Authenticated Data: New Privacy Definitions and Constructions ASIACRYPT-2012 - Beijing,China