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Keynote Presentation: The Essential Need to Embed Privacy and Security, by Design Privacy&SecurityConference-2019 - Victoria, Canada
The Essential Need to Embed Privacy – by Design, into Big Data Analytics EMENA-2016 - saidia,morocco
The Time to Embed Privacy, by Design is Now: Into IoT, AI, and Big Data, While We Still Can! SAIcompconf-2016 - london,uk
Keynote: Security is Essential to Privacy - But is not enough ... Enter Privacy by Design SecTor-2015 - toronto,canada
Keynote Talk I:Title: Get Smart: Embed Privacy, by Design to Avoid the Risk of Unintended Consequences PST-2014 - Toronto,Canada
Embed Privacy and Security by Design and Gain a Competitive Advantage CISOToronto-2012 - Toronto, Canada Security