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Title Conference Tags
For the Love of Money: Electronic Currencies, Cyber Criminals and You Suitsandspooks-2016 - washington,usa
Is the Security Industry Ready for On Appliance SSL Decryption Features? RSAASIAJapan-2014 - Marina Bay,Singapore
Battle Scars And Friendly Fire: War Stories from a Threat Research Team RSAeu-2013 - Europaplein, Amsterdam
Battle Scars And Friendly Fire: Threat Research Team War Stories DerbyCon-2013 - Louisville,Kentucky
Taking the Fight to the Adversary Suits And Spooks DC-2013 - Washington, USA
HP: Perfect Asymmetry AUScert-2011 - Gold Coast, Australia
Through the rabbit hole: An Expose of Darknets and the Onion Routed Underground BSidesLasVegas-2010 - Las Vegas,USA