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Inception: Virtual Space in Memory Space in Real Space -- Memory Forensics of Immersive Virtual Reality with the HTC Vive DFRWSUSA-2019 - Portland, USA
Experience Constructing the Artifact Genome Project (AGP): Managing the Domain's Knowledge One Artifact at a Time DFRWSUSA-2018 - Rhode Island, USA
DROP (DRone Open source Parser) Your Drone - Forensic Analysis of the DJI Phantom III Paper DFRWS-2017 - austin,usa
Leveraging the SRTP protocol for Over-The-Network Memory Acquisition of a GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Paper DFRWS-2017 - austin,usa
Availability of Datasets for Digital Forensics - and What is Missing Paper DFRWS-2017 - austin,usa
How Cuckoo Filter Can Improve Existing Approximate Matching Techniques ICDF2C-2015 - seoul,south korea
Network and device forensic analysis of Android social-messaging applications DFRWS-2015 - Philadelphia,USA
On Identities in Modern Networks ICF2C-2014 - new haven,usa
Session V: Digital Forensics Analysis Techniques ICF2C-2014 - new haven,usa
Automated evaluation of approximate matching algorithms on real data DFRWS-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
On the database lookup problem of approximate matching DFRWS-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
mvHash-B - a new approach for similarity preserving hash function IMF-2013 - Nuremberg, Germany