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[Workshop] Malware analysis with Ghidra & x64dbg Pass-the-SALT-2022 - Lille, France
Bisonal: 10 Years of Play CopenhagenCyberCrime-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
High speed fingerprint cloning: myth or reality? NorthSec-2020 - Montreal, Canada
How to investigate iOS devices BSidesBelfast-2019 - Belfast, Northern Ireland
State sponsored stalking ?! BSidesLondon-2019 - London, UK
DNSpionage Campaign Targets Middle East CopenhagenCyberCrime-2019 - Copenhagen, Denmark
How to investigate iOS devices Insomni'Hack-2019 - Geneva, Switzerland
Surprise Supplies! KasperskySASCancun-2018 - Cancun, Mexico
Surprise Supplies! KasperskySASCancun-2018 - Cancun, Mexico
Nyetya Malware & MeDoc Connection BOTCONF-2017 - montpellier,france
Modern Reconnaissance Phase on APT – Protection Layer shakacon-2017 - honolulu,usa
How Does Dridex Hide Friends? botconf-2016 - lyon,france
Windows systems & code signing protection hackfest-2016 - quebec,canada
Windows systems & code signing protection hacklu-2016 - parchotel,luxembourg
Complex malware & forensics investigation Hackitoergosum-2015 - paris,france
Keynote - Internet of Tchotchke HackLu-2015 - parcHotel,Luxembourg
Totally Spies! HackLu-2015 - parcHotel,Luxembourg
Totally Spies! Recon-2015 - Montreal,Canada
The Uroburos case: analysis of the set of tools used by this actor AUSCERT-2015 - Gold Coast,Austrailia
Havex RAT, the Full Story Botconf-2014 - Nancy,france
Workshop – Feedback on Windbg Usage Botconf-2014 - Nancy,france
D&D of malware with exotic C&C Hacklu-2014 - Luxembourg,Germany
APT1: Technical Backstage botconf-2013 - Paris,France
APT1: Technical Backstage Breakpoint-2013 - Melbourne, Austrailia
Stack Smashing Protector In Freebsd Hackito Ergo Sum-2010 - Paris, France