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Putting the "Micro" Back in Microservice UsenixATCBoston-2018 - Boston, USA
Be Fast, Cheap and in Control with SwitchKV NSDI-2016 - santa clara,usa
Towards Accurate and Fast Evaluation of Multi-Stage Log-structured Designs FAST-2016 - santa clara,usa
Scaling Distributed Machine Learning with the Parameter Server OSDI-2014 - broomfield,usa
MICA: A Holistic Approach to Fast In-Memory Key-Value Storage NSDI-2014 - Seattle,USA
Stronger Semantics for Low-Latency Geo-Replicated Storage NSDI-2013 - Lombard,USA
MemC3: Compact and Concurrent MemCache with Dumber Caching and Smarter Hashing NSDI-2013 - Lombard,USA