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A Security Microcosm - Attacking/Defending Shiva, A Linux Executable Encryptor BlackHatAsia-2003 - Marina Bay,Singapore
Generic Technical Defences Blackhat Europe-2003 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security Testing
Fixing/Making Holes in Binaries: the Easy, the Hard, the Time Consuming BlackHatAsia-2002 - Marina Bay,Singapore
Fixing/Making Holes In Binaries: The Easy, The Hard, The Time Consuming Blackhat USA-2002 - Las Vegas, USA Security Application Security
Injectso: Modifying And Spying On Running Processes Under Linux And Solaris Blackhat Europe-2001 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security Testing
Breaking In Through The Front Door or The impact of Application Service Provision and Browser Based Applications on traditional security models BlackHatAsia-2001 - Marina Bay,Singapore