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The Psychology of Social Engineering – The “Soft” Side of Cybercrime InfosecWorld2020Digital-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
KEYNOTE: Don't let the Attackers Weaponize Fear: Malware in the time of COVID Ransomware-2020 - Chicago, United States
Fireside Chat: Life Moves Fast, Cybersecurity Needs to Move Faster CanadianWomeninCybersecurity-2020 - Toronto, Canada
Panel Discussion: Open Source: Promise, Perils and the Path Ahead RSAC2020-2020 - San Francisco, US
The Ethics of ML and AI Fraud&BreachSummitSeattle-2019 - Seattle, USA
A5 Taking Your C-Suite Executives on a Tour of the Dark Web ThreatIntelligence-2016 - new orleans,usa
Securing the C-Suite CISOindianapolis-2016 - indianapolis,usa
Opening Plenary CyberTechIsrael-2016 - tel aviv,israel
Application Security: Making It Work PhiladelphiaInfoSecForum-2014 - Philadelphia,USA
Securing Cloud Deployments PhiladelphiaInfoSecForum-2014 - Philadelphia,USA
Compliance Does Not Equal Security: Doing Both on One Budget PhiladelphiaInfoSecForum-2014 - Philadelphia,USA
Using X-Force Research and the IBM Security Framework for Security Transformation RochesterSecuritySummit-2014 - rochester,usa
Information Protection: Who Youre Up Against SouthEastInfoSecForum-2012 - Atlanta,USA
Information Exfiltration: Where Does All the Data Go? SouthEastInfoSecForum-2012 - Atlanta,USA
Information Everywhere: Mobile Technology & Its Impact on Infosec SouthEastInfoSecForum-2012 - Atlanta,USA
Identity in the Cloud New England Information Security Forum-2012 - Boston,USA
AppSec: Establishing Real-World Value New England Information Security Forum-2012 - Boston,USA
All I Ever Needed to Know about Identity I Learned from Social Networking New England Information Security Forum-2012 - Boston,USA
Economics of Identity New England Information Security Forum-2012 - Boston,USA
Single Sign-On 101: Beyond The Hype - What Sso Can, And Can’T Do For Your Business Blackhat USA-2002 - Las Vegas, USA Security Firewall Access Control