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When Coding Style Survives Compilation: De-anonymizing Programmers from Executable Binaries. NDSS-2018 - san diego,usa
The Web Tracking Arms Race: Past, Present, and Future enigma-2018 - santa clara,usa
Securing Bitcoin Wallets: A new DSA threshold signature scheme that is usable in the real world RWC-2016 - stanford,usa
De-anonymizing Programmers via Code Stylometry SecuritySymposium-2015 - washington,USA
The web never forgets: Persistent tracking mechanisms in the wild CCS-2014 - Scottsdale,USA
Bitcoin: Pitfalls and Lessons Learned from the Rise, Fall and Resurrection of a Crypto-Currency Hotsec-2014 - san diego,usa
On Decentralizing Prediction Markets and Order Books WEIS-2014 - Pennsylvania,USA
Shining the Floodlights on Mobile Web Tracking — A Privacy Survey W2SP-2013 - San Francisco,USA