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Title Conference Tags
Evaluation of Random Field Models in Multi-modal Unsupervised Tampering Localization WIFS-2016 - abu dhabi,uae
Adaptive Steganalysis against WOW Embedding Algorithm, IHMMSEC-2014 - Salzburg,Austria
A Universal Image Forensic Strategy Based on Steganalytic Model, IHMMSEC-2014 - Salzburg,Austria
ECG Signal Storage and Transmission in the Cloud for a Privacy-Preserving Diagnosis System WIFS-2013 - Guangzhou,China
Audio Analyser: Audio Authenticity Analysis Tool WIFS-2013 - Guangzhou,China
Distortion Function Designing for JPEG Steganography with Uncompressed Side-image IHMMSEC-2013 - Montpellier,France