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Adversary-aware, data-driven detection of double JPEG compression: how to make counter-forensics harder WIFS-2016 - abu dhabi,uae
Lecture Session #3: Privacy­Preserving Computation and Communication WIFS-2014 - Atlanta,USA
Source Distinguishability under Corrupted Training WIFS-2014 - Atlanta,USA
Secure Evaluation of Private Functions through Piecewise Linear Approximation WIFS-2013 - Guangzhou,China
The Watchful Forensic Analyst: Multi-Clue Information Fusion with Background Knowledge WIFS-2013 - Guangzhou,China
Writing on Dirty Paper with Binary Auxiliary Random Variable WIFS-2013 - Guangzhou,China
Universal Counter Forensics: Remove All the Traces from The Histogram of Your Processed Image WIFS-2013 - Guangzhou,China
Multiple-Observation Hypothesis Testing under Adversarial Conditions WIFS-2013 - Guangzhou,China
Attacking image classification based on Bag-of-Visual-Words WIFS-2013 - Guangzhou,China
SIFT keypoint removal and injection for countering matching-based Image Forensics IHMMSEC-2013 - Montpellier,France