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Blockchain: Building Better Business Models Securely ISC2SecureSummit-2019 - Washington, USA
The New Digital Swiss Army Knife? CarolinaCon14-2018 - Raleigh, USA
BLOCKCHAIN: THE NEW DIGITAL SWISS ARMY KNIFE? bsidestampa-2018 - tampa,usa
Anti-Ransomware: Turning the Tables ShmooCon-2017 - washington,usa
The New Face of Card Fraud BSidesDC-2015 - washington,usa
8A Securing the Chaos COSAC-2015 - NAAS,ireland
Weaponising Cybercurrencies COSAC-2014 - kildare,ireland
Kaizen for Bank Owned Accounts COSAC-2014 - kildare,ireland
Complex Challenges in Security COSAC-2014 - kildare,ireland
Trust Us: How to Sleep Soundly with Your Data in the Cloud. RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Crypto For Hackers BSidesDC-2013 - Washington, USA
Keynote: "How the West was Pwned" SECtor-2013 - Toronto,Canada
How the West was Pwned CarolinaCon-2013 - Raleigh, USA Security
Hacking As An Act Of War Shmoocon-2013 - Washington,USA Security
Hacking as an Act of War CarolinaCon-8 - Raleigh, USA Security
Tales From The Crypto CarolinaCon-7 - Raleigh, USA Security
Tales From The Crypto DEF CON-18 - Las Vegas, USA Security
A Brief History of Hacking HackerHalted-2009 - Atlanta,USA
Are Bad Times Good For Security Professionals? ShmooCon-2009 - Washington DC, USA Security Wireless Web Panel Community Risk Business
A Hacker Looks At 50 DEF CON-16 - Las Vegas, USA Security
A Hacker Looks At 50 LayerOne-2008 - Anaheim, USA Security
A Hacker Looks Past 50 ShmooCon-2008 - Washington DC, USA Security
A Hacker Looks At 50 ShmooCon-2007 - Washington DC, USA Security