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Keynote Address DFRWSUSA-2019 - Portland, USA
Getting Saucy with APFS! BSidesNewOrleans-2018 - New Orleans, USA
Getting Saucy with APFS! - The State of Apple’s New File System BSidesCharm-2018 - Baltimore, USA
Ask An Expert: Cyber Career Guidance and Advice BsidesNova-2018 - washington,usa
Logs Unite! - Forensic Analysis of Apple Unified Logs BSidesNola-2017 - new orleans,usa
Ubiquity Forensics - Your iCloud and You Defcon-2015 - Las vegas,usa
Reverse Engineering Mac Malware defcon-2014 - las vegas,usa
When Macs Get Hacked BSidesNola-2014 - New Orleans,USA
Reverse Engineering Mac Malware BSideSPR-2014 - San Juan,Puerto Rico
When Macs Get Hacked BSidesNola-2013 - New Orleans,USA Security
Inside The App: All Your Data Are Belong To Me ShmooCon-2011 - Washington DC, USA Security Analysis