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Title Conference Tags
Security war stories and the vulnerabilities we are actually vulnerable against InfoSecurityDenmark-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
Hunting bugs for humanity SASkaspersky-2017 - st martin,saint marten
How I hacked my Home CopenhagenCybercrimeConfrence-2015 - Copenhagen,Amsterdam
How Vulnerable Are Our Homes? - The Story of How My Home Got Hacked RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA
How I hacked my home SASKaspersky-2015 - cancun,mexico
IOT: HOW I HACKED MY HOME Hacktivity-2014 - budapest,hungary
Last-minute paper: How I hacked my own house! VirusBulletin-2014 - seattle,usa
IOT: How I Hacked My Home SecT-2014 - Fribourg,switzerland
How to hack a country for fun and profit Sec-T-2013 - Stockholm,Sweden
How to hack a country for fun and profit. NordicSecCon-2013 - Reykjavik, Iceland