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Hunting PowerShell Attacks on The Open Internet BSidesAugusta-2019 - Augusta, USA
Hunting APTs and Script Kiddies with Beer Money BSidesAugusta-2018 - Augusta, USA
Unmasking Cybercriminals on the Open Internet bsidesaugusta-2017 - georgia,usa
Automating Malware Analysis for Threat Intelligence BSidesAugusta-2016 - georgia,usa
Automating Malware Analysis for Proactive Detection BSidesMSP-2016 - minneapolis,usa
Viper Framework for Malware Analysis BsidesAugusta-2015 - Augusta,USA
No Such Thing as Free Wi-Fi Converge-2014 - Detroit,USA
Broke, Not Broken: An Effective Information Security Program With a $0 Budget BSidesDetroit-2013 - Detroit,USA Security