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Hacking from Above: A Brief Guide for Transitioning to Leadership BSidesLasVegas-2019 - Las Vegas, USA
Driving Away Social Anxiety DerbyConVIIIEvolution-2018 - Louisville, USA
A Pen Tester's Guide to Linux CircleCityCon-2017 - Indianapolis,usa
“So You Wanted to Work in Infosec” Skydogcon-2016 - nashville,usa
Finding Your Balance DerbyCon-2016 - derby,usa
APT Cyber Cloud of the Internet of Things DerbyCon-2015 - louisville,USA
What Dungeons & Dragons Taught Me About INFOSEC DerbyCon-2014 - kentucky,usa
Panel: Building and Growing a Hacker Space DerbyCon-2013 - Louisville,Kentucky
We're (The Government) Here To Help: A Look At How FIPS 140 Helps (And Hurts) Security Defcon19-2011 - Las Vegas,USA