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U21: Protecting Mobile Devices from Malware Attacks with a Python IDS DEEPSEC-2020 - Vienna, Austria
Money Doesn't Stink - Cybercriminal Business Insight of A New Android Botnet BlackHatEurope-2019 - London, United Kingdom
Malware Uncertainty Principle: an Alteration of Malware Behavior by Close Observation BOTCONF-2017 - montpellier,france
Detecting malware even when it is encrypted - Machine Learning for network HTTPS analysis brucon-2017 - brussels,belgium
Getting Your Hands Dirty: How to Analyze the Behavior of Malware Traffic and Web Connections botconf-2016 - lyon,france
Detecting the Behavioral Relationships of Malware Connections botconf-2016 - lyon,france
The Network Behavior of Targeted Attacks. Models for Malware Identification and Detection Hacktivity-2015 - budapest,hungary
Modelling the network behaviour of malware to block malicious patterns. The Stratosphere Project: a behavioural IPS VirusBulletin-2015 - Prague,czech republic
Identifying and Detecting Botnet Behaviors in the Network BSidesVienna-2014 - Rahlgasse,Vienna
Botnets Behavioral Patterns in the Network Hacklu-2014 - Luxembourg,Germany
Uncovering your trails. Privacy issues of bluetooth devices. ekoparty-2013 - Buenos Aires, Argentina