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Turning hard disk drives into accidental microphones ekoparty-2017 - Buenos Aires,argentina
Deep-submicron CPU backdoors ekoparty-2014 - buenos aires,argentina
Deep-Submicron Backdoor Syscan-2014 - Merchant Court,Singapore Attack
Hardware Trojans and Malicious Logic RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Hardware-Level Attacks - Is Detection Possible? RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Satellite baseband mods: Taking Control of the GMR-2 phone InmarSat terminal ekoparty-2012 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fuzzing And Debugging Cisco Ios Blackhat Europe-2011 - Barcelona, Spain Security
Exploiting Digital Cameras ekoparty-2010 - Buenos Aires, Argentina Security
Exploiting Digital Cameras DEF CON-18 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Anibal Sacco Desactivando Rootkits ekoparty-2009 - Buenos Aires, Argentina Security
Deactivate The Rootkit Blackhat USA-2009 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Persistent Bios Infection SyScan-2009 - Singapore Security
Multiplatform Iphone/Android Shellcode, and other smart phone insecurities CanSecWest-2009 - Vancouver,Canada
Persistent BIOS Infection CanSecWest-2009 - Vancouver,Canada
Openbsd Remote Exploit ekoparty-2007 - Buenos Aires, Argentina Security
Openbsd Remote Exploit And Another Ipv6 Vulnerabilities DEF CON-15 - Las Vegas, USA Security IPv6
Openbsd Remote Exploit Blackhat USA-2007 - Las Vegas, USA Security Exploitation
OpenBSD Remote Exploit BlackHatDC-2007 - Washington,USA