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Mobile Network Hacking, IP Edition BlackHatEurope-2019 - London, United Kingdom
Keynote - When enough is enough: The limits of desirable security. Nullcon-2017 - goa,india
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? CCC-2016 - hamburg,germany
How much security is too much? DragonCon-2016 - hong kong,china
How much security is too much? ESSoS-2016 - london,uk
Shopshifting CCC-2015 - hamburg,germany
Advanced interconnect attacks ChaosCompCamp-2015 - zehdenick,Germany
Mobile self-defense NuitDuHack-2015 - Paris,France
Mobile Self-Defence nullcon-2015 - goa,india
Mobile self-defense CCC-2014 - Hamburg,Germany
BadUSB - On accessories that turn evil PacSec-2014 - Tokyo,Japan
BadUSB -- On Accessories That Turn Evil PowerOfCommunity-2014 - Seol,Korea
BADUSB - ON ACCESSORIES THAT TURN EVIL BlackHatUS-2014 - las vegas,usa
Mobile Network Attack Evolution phdays-2014 - Moscow,Russia
In-depth crypto attacks - Paranoia-2014 - Oslo,Norway
Rooting SIM cards BlackHatUSA-2013 - Las Vegas,USA
The SCADA That Didn't Cry Wolf- Who's Really Attacking Your ICS Devices- Part Deux! BlackHatUSA-2013 - Las Vegas,USA
Low-Cost Chip Microprobing Chaos Communication Congress-29 - Hamburg, Germany
Reviving Smart Card Analysis BlackhatUSA-2011 - Las Vegas,USA
Wideband Gsm Sniffing Chaos Communication Congress-27 - Berlin, Germany Security
Debugging GSM DeepSec-2010 - Vienna,Austria
Attacking Phone Privacy BlackHatAbuDhabi-2010 - Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
Attacking Phone Privacy Blackhat USA-2010 - Las Vegas, USA Security Privacy
Cracking GSM Encryption DeepSec-2009 - Vienna,Austria
Breaking Hitag2 HackingAtRandom-2009 - Vierthouten,Netherlands
Cracking A5 GSM encryption HackingAtRandom-2009 - Vierthouten,Netherlands
Deep Silicon Analysis HackingAtRandom-2009 - Vierthouten,Netherlands
Chip Reverse Engineering Chaos Communication Congress-25 - Berlin, Germany Security
Mifare -- Little Security, Despite Obscurity Blackhat USA-2008 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Reverse-Engineering A Cryptographic Rfid Tag 17th USENIX Security Symposium-2008 - San Jose, USA Security
Crippling Crypto: The Debian Openssl Debacle The Last HOPE-2008 - USA Security Panel Cloud
The (Im)Possibility Of Hardware Obfuscation The Last HOPE-2008 - USA Security Cryptography
Proprietary RFID Systems CanSecWest-2008 - Vancouver,Canada
Mifare Chaos Communication Congress-24 - Berlin, Germany Security
Rfid Hacking Chaos Communication Congress-23 - Berlin, Germany Security
Rfid Privacy - Old Threats And New Attacks HOPE Number 6-2006 - USA Security Privacy