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Retrofitting Fine Grain Isolation in the Firefox Renderer 29thUSENIXSecuritySymposium-2020 - Berkeley, USA
On the effectiveness of mitigations against floating-point timing channels usenixsecurity-2017 - vancouver,canada
A Call to ARMs: Understanding the Costs and Benefits of JIT Spraying Mitigations NDSS-2017 - california,usa
Trusted Browsers for Uncertain Times USENIX-2016 - austin,usa
On the (In)effectiveness of Mosaicing and Blurring as Tools for Document Redaction PETS-2016 - darmstadt,germany
An Update on the Backdoor in Juniper's ScreenOS RWC-2016 - stanford,usa
Too LeJIT to Quit: Extending JIT Spraying to ARM NDSS-2015 - san diego,usa
Security Analysis of a Full-Body X-Ray Scanner CCC-2014 - Hamburg,Germany
On the Practical Exploitability of Dual EC in TLS Implementations usenix-2014 - san diego,usa
Security Analysis of a Full-Body Scanner usenix-2014 - san diego,usa
Mouse Trap: Exploiting Firmware Updates in USB Peripherals Woot-2014 - san diego,usa
Measuring the Practical Impact of DNSSEC Deployment USENIX-2013 - Washington, D.C.
Are AES x86 Cache Timing Attacks Still Feasible? CCSW-2012 - Raleigh,USA
Cryptography 19th USENIX Security Symposium-2010 - Washington DC, USA Security
Are Text-Only Data Formats Safe? Or, Use This Latex Class File To Pwn Your Computer 3rd USENIX Workshop on Large-Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats-2010 - San Jose, USA Security
Return-Oriented Programming: Exploits Without Code Injection Blackhat USA-2008 - Las Vegas, USA Security