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Security data science -- Getting the fundamentals right BSidesLasVegas-2019 - Las Vegas, USA
Measuring the Speed of the Red Queen's Race; Adaption and Evasion in Malware blackhatUSA2018-2018 - Las Vegas, USA
When Coding Style Survives Compilation: De-anonymizing Programmers from Executable Binaries. NDSS-2018 - san diego,usa
Getting insight out of and back into deep neural networks bsideslasvegas-2017 - las vegas,usa
De-anonymizing Programmers via Code Stylometry SecuritySymposium-2015 - washington,USA
Defensive Resource Allocations with Security Chokepoints in IPv6 Networks DBSEC-2015 - Fairfax,USA
Using Network Tainting to Bound the Scope of Network Ingress Attacks SERE-2014 - San Francisco,USA
Limitations to Threshold Random Walk Scan Detection and Mitigating Enhancements IEEECNS-2013 - Washington, USA