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Title Conference Tags
How to help developers with writing secure code in the DevOps world ESOC-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
If 6.000 mobile malware applications could talk. Ow, they do, and a lot!, OWASPAppSecEu-2015 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
1 user, 10 places, 100 seconds. AppSecAsiaPac-2014 - Tokyo,Japan
Breaking is easy, preventing is hard OWASP AppSec Research-2012 - Athens, Greece Static Analysis Grey Box Testing
Breaking is easy, preventing is hard OWASP AppSecAsiaPac-2012 - Sydney, Australia Security
Secure in 2010? Broken in 2011! Blackhat Europe-2012 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
Finding Backdoors In Code OWASP BeNelux-2010 - Netherlands Security Exploitation
Finding Backdoors In Code BruCON-2010 - Brussels, Belgium Security Exploitation Network Penetration
Repelling The Wily Insider DEF CON-18 - Las Vegas, USA Security