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Title Conference Tags
Incident Response in Times of Cholera IMF-2014 - Munster,Germany
CERTification: Assessing CSIRT Maturity First-2008 - Vancouver,Canada
Assessing Incident Severity in a Network and Automatic Defense Mechanisms First-2007 - Seville,Spain
Long term instability of high priority incident response – A system dynamics simulation approach First-2007 - Seville,Spain
Effectiveness of Proactive CSIRT Services First-2006 - Baltimore,USA
Pre AGM Discussions First-2005 - Shangri-La,Singapore
Welcome and Opening Speech First-2005 - Shangri-La,Singapore
France Dynamics of CSIRT Management First-2005 - Shangri-La,Singapore
EWIS in a BOX -or- How to build a national early warning information system in 80 days! First-2005 - Shangri-La,Singapore
Teams Update First-2002 - Waikoala Village,Hawaii
Advanced Tutorial Track: Computer Virus Operation and New Directions (half day tutorial, including 2 refreshment breaks) First-1999 - Brisbane, Austrailia
CSIRT Foundation: gaining and operating "Trust" First-1999 - Brisbane, Austrailia
FIRST Team Update Presentations First-1998 - Monterry,Mexico
Results from the Future of FIRST Task Force II: Future organisational structure of FIRST (Panel Session) First-1998 - Monterry,Mexico
FIRST Team Update Presentations First-1997 - Bristol,England
From Incident Response to Incident Management First-1997 - Bristol,England