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Towards a PHP Webshell Taxonomy using Deobfuscation-assisted Similarity Analysis ISSA-2015 - johannesburg,South africa
Characterization and analysis of NTP amplification based DDoS attacks ISSA-2015 - johannesburg,South africa
An Exploration of Geolocation and Traffic Visualisation Using Network Flows ISSA-2014 - Johannesburg,South africa
Panel discussion: Ethical Concerns Regarding Social Engineering ISSA-2014 - Johannesburg,South africa
Spatial Statistics as a Metric for Detecting Botnet C2 Servers botconf-2013 - Paris,France
Research Fellow in Cyber Security and Ethics, PAIS, University of Warwick, Research Associate - Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford\tA Baseline Study of Potentially Malicious Acti CyCON-2013 - Tallinn, Estonia Security
Panel: Upcoming Technical Challenges in Cyber Defence CyCON-2013 - Tallinn, Estonia
Keynote #1 Sun Tzu & the Honeypot Security B-Sides CapeTown-2011 - Cape Town, South Africa Security
Conficker: ~687 Days Later ZaCon-2 - Johannesburg, South Africa Security Deep Knowledge
Cleaning Up Africa As We Join The 21St Century: Botnets And The New Economy ITWeb Security Summit-2010 - Johannesburg, South Africa Security Analysis
Tcp Sorcery ZaCon-1 - Johannesburg, South Africa Security Infrastructure Network Penetration