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Title Conference Tags
Physical Penetration Testing sha-2017 - scoutinglandgoed,netherlands
Lockpicking and IT Security sha-2017 - scoutinglandgoed,netherlands
Physical penetration testing t2-2015 - helsinki,finland
Lockpicking and IT Security t2InfoSecCon-2014 - helsinki,finland
SOCIAL ENGINEERING Hack.Lu-2012 - Dommeldange,Luxembourg Security
Lockpicking 101 hashdays-2011 - Lucerne, Switzerland Security
Lockpicking Talk HackLu-2011 - Luxembourg,Luxembourg
Attacking Is Easy, Defending Is Hard OWASP BeNelux-2010 - Netherlands Security Computer Forensics Network Penetration Analysis
Lockpicking 101 hashdays-2010 - Lucerne, Switzerland Hardware Reverse Engineering
Lockpicking 101 BruCON-2010 - Brussels, Belgium Hardware Reverse Engineering
Abstract Lockpicking 101 SEC-T-2010 - Stockholm, Sweden Security Access Control Locksport
What Incident Response Personnel need to know about today´s hacker world (Panel) First-1999 - Brisbane, Austrailia