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Dominance as a New Trusted Computing Primitive for the Internet of Things IEEESymposium-2019 - San Francisco, US
Hacking in Darkness: Return-oriented Programming against Secure Enclaves usenixsecurity-2017 - vancouver,canada
Inferring Fine-grained Control Flow Inside SGX Enclaves with Branch Shadowing usenixsecurity-2017 - vancouver,canada
High-Resolution Side Channels for Untrusted Operating Systems ATC-2017 - santa clara,usa
T-SGX: Eradicating Controlled-Channel Attacks Against Enclave Programs NDSS-2017 - california,usa
Shielding Applications from an Untrusted Cloud with Haven ATC-2015 - Santa Clara,USA
Shielding Applications from an Untrusted Cloud with Haven OSDI-2014 - broomfield,usa
STEALTHMEM: System-Level Protection Against Cache-Based Side Channel Attacks in the Cloud USENIX-2012 - Washington, D.C.
Tracking Rootkit Footprints with a Practical Memory Analysis System USENIX-2012 - Washington, D.C.