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Inside Job: Applying Traffic Analysis to Measure Tor from Within. NDSS-2018 - san diego,usa
Avoding The Man on the Wire: Improving Tor's Security with Trust-Aware Path Selection NDSS-2017 - california,usa
Shadow-Bitcoin: Scalable Simulation via Direct Execution of Multi-Threaded Applications CSET-2015 - washington,USA
Never Been KIST: Tor’s Congestion Management Blossoms with Kernel-Informed Socket Transport usenix-2014 - san diego,usa
Censorship Resistance PETS-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
From Onions to Shallots: Rewarding Tor Relays with TEARS PETS-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
A TorPath to TorCoin: Proof-of-Bandwidth Altcoins for Compensating Relays PETS-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
The Sniper Attack: Anonymously Deanonymizing and Disabling the Tor Network NDSS-2014 - San Diego,USA
Throttling Tor Bandwidth Parasites USENIX-2012 - Washington, D.C.