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That Ain't You: Blocking Spearphishing Through Behavioral Modelling, Dimva-2015 - Milan,Italy
Mind Your Blocks: On the Stealthiness of Malicious BGP Hijacks NDSS-2015 - san diego,usa
Are You at Risk? Profiling Organizations and Individuals Subject to Targeted Attacks FC15-2015 - San Juan,Puerto Rico
Looking Back at Three Years of Targeted Attacks: Lessons Learned on the Attackers’ Behaviors and Victims’ ProfilesReturn to TOC FIRST-2014 - Boston,USA
Visualizing cybercrime campaigns using TRIAGE analytics FIRST-2012 - Malta, Malta Security
The Wombat Project: Recent Developments In Internet Threats Analysis BruCON-2010 - Brussels, Belgium Security Web Others
A Multi-Criteria Clustering Approach To Support Attack Attribution In Cyberspace CCDCOE-2010 - Estonia Cyberwar