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Choice Architecture for Security Practitioners BSidesAugusta-2018 - Augusta, USA
Hacking Food bsidesaugusta-2017 - georgia,usa
Pivoting Effectively to Catch More Bad Guys securityonionsolutions-2017 - georgia,usa
Keynote BSidesCincinatti-2017 - cincinatti,usa
Anyone Can be a Hunter: A Cognitive Perspective BSidesAugusta-2016 - georgia,usa
Better Analysis via Metacognitive Awareness BsidesCincinatti-2016 - cincinatti,usa
Building a Better Security Analyst Using Cognitive Psychology BsidesAugusta-2015 - Augusta,USA
Defeating Cognitive Bias and Developing Analytic Technique BSidesAugusta-2014 - augusta,usa
Charleston Welcome, Flocon-2014 - Albuquerque,USA